Urgent Care Units on the Rise

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Urgent care kirkland

A walk in doctors office is not a thing to be underestimated. I fell prey to some really horrible food poisoning, and needed to get medical services immediately, but the office of my doctor was closed. I need to find immediate care, so my girlfriend searched for 24 hour urgent care in our city, and, sure enough, she found a walk in doctors office.

There are not too many medical centers with 24 hour urgent care in our area, so we are eternally grateful for the walk in doctors office that we found.

The crazy thing was, was that when my girlfriend was on the phone with my doctor, trying to convince him to come in for my emergency (at which point he told us about the walk in doctors office), he said I could not get a follow up appointment for about two weeks, since he was so inundated with cases. One of the main reasons that the urgent care industry is experiencing such robust growth is due to the increased caseload of primary care physicians. This means you have far off appointments, longer waits and even less time with your doctor.

In fact, the CDC conducted a study that found almost half (48 percent) of adult emergency room patients, who just were not sick enough to get admittance to the hospital, said that they sought out health care at the emergency room just because the office of their primary physician was closed.

It is really sad that we have to depend on walk in clinics. Only 29 percent of primary care doctors can cover you after hours.

See, even though urgent care centers mainly concentrate on the evaluation and the treatment of conditions of the moment or ones that are acutely arising for a wide variety of different patients, walk in doctors office are also increasing their lab services as well, such as xrays and routine physicals.

This makes me nervous for my kids. I mean, the average kid catches between about six to ten colds a year, and what if things get complicated. Am I going to have to take him into a walk in doctors office? For more information, read this website. Find more on this here. See this reference for more.