The Benefits of a Walk in Bathtub

Written by Channel 12 RI. Posted in Walk in bath tubs, Walk in bathtub

Walk in bathtub

Now that the baby boomer population is aging, many accessories and appliances used to deal with advancing age are becoming more popular. One example of this would be the walk in bathtub.

There are various ways to make a bathtub more accessible to individuals with disability or who have difficulty maneuvering. This can include having lifts, hand gribs, or grab bars that help them to get themselves into the bath space. Many people, however, like the walk in bathtub since it eliminates much of the risk associated with getting into the bathtub.

Walk in bath tubs have self sealing doors that usually open inward into the bath. They can be at various heights, and most walk in bathtubs are higher than a regular bath so as to allow for normal height sitting. There is usually a chair height seat for the bather to rest on. Some doors swing outward and often are designed in order to allow wheel chair users easier access, since they need to perform a lateral transfer in order to go from chair to bathtub seat.

Most tubs actually have a low step that one must step over, so for individuals who are considering getting a walk in tub, it is a good idea to test out various models first in order to ensure that they will enable rather than inhibit in some way.

If you are wondering whether Medicare will help pay for walk in tubs, the answer s usually no. To qualify for Medicare, items need to be durable medical equipment, and although there have been a few cases of people getting partial coverage with the use of doctor notes, this items usually counts as for convenience rather than medical use.