Find A Garnishment Attorney Before Your Wages Are Seized

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Garnishment attorney

Taxes can vary on a state to state basis and on the items being taxed. For example, did you know that in Chicago, fountain sodas are taxed at nine percent, yet drinks that are packaged in bottles or cans are taxed at only three percent? While these variances depend on different factors, federal taxes are a requirement for every American citizen hat has an income over a specific amount of money annually. Should these individuals not file federal income taxes each year, or should they fall behind on their tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service has the power to impose penalties in order to collect tax debts. One of the most popular is wage garnishment. Wage garnishment contains a variety of requirements, but finding a professional, such as an IRS wage garnishment lawyer can be ultimately beneficial. What services can a garnishment lawyer or garnishment attorney provide? How can your wage garnishment lawyer help you understand the penalties enforced by the IRS?

Individuals who find themselves in serious debt to the Internal Revenue Service find that the most feared weapon the IRS can use is a tax levy. However, under United States federal tax law, a wage garnishment enforced by the Internal Revenue Service is a form of administrative levy. In these cases of Internal Revenue Service Levy, a court order is not a requirement to collect. As such, if you have been served with a notice regarding garnishment, finding a garnishment attorney may be beneficial to you. In most cases, a garnishment attorney will be familiar with the ways in which to avoid a garnishment. Your garnishment attorney may be able to work with the Internal Revenue Service to come up with alternate payment plans and options to help you pay off your debt without the garnishment being completed. It is important to know that the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution forbids state or federal government from taking property from an individual without due process of law. This rule also applies to IRS levies, and your garnishment attorney will be familiar with this process in order to assist you. Regardless of the choices you decide to make, it is important to understand the repercussions of falling under a wage garnishment. Wage garnishment may negatively affect credit, reputation, or even the ability to receive a loan or open a bank account. Find a garnishment attorney before it is too late.